Known Issues with PRACTICIA BETA

1. When creating awards,if you dont select an award icon, app hangs up after you press ok on error message -SOLVED IN UPDATE 11/11/2015
2. Duplicate Emails coming to teacher on daily reports-SOLVED IN UPDATE 11/11/2015
3. Cannot create assignment, give feedback or make comments if you use Single or double Quotes in assignment names-SOLVED IN UPDATE 11/11/2015
4. Text Instructions Getting Cut off-SOLVED IN UPDATE 11/11/2015
5. In student profile page (Null Value) in last seven days summary-NOT REPLICATED
6. App not taking feedback from some users- when there is a quote-SOLVED IN UPDATE 11/11/2015
7. Website requires Apartment field to be filled when updating teacher address-SOLVED IN UPDATE 11/11/2015
8. Some teachers not able to search youtube videos by inserting a youtube url from their youtube app-ISSUE NOT REPLICATED
9.When trying to create an assignment from the side menu- if you dont put in an assignment name or select an assignment type, the app hangs up when you click OK on the error message-SOLVED IN UPDATE 11/11/2015
10.Somtimes cannot play the audio recording of practice-ISSUE NOT REPLICATED

11. After making comment on a practice, the curser goes back to the beginning, needs to stay there.-SOLVED IN UPDATE 11/11/2015

12. Consistency awards not resetting and student gets multiple awards for the same accomplishment (E'g if award his practice 2 out of three days student will get an award after 2 days of practice, but if he/she practices another day right after, they will get the award again).

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